A Single Parent’s Guide to Safe Travels in Thailand

Traveling alone can be stressful, especially as a single parent. If you’re ever planning to do so, everything must be planned out and in order.


Safety should be the number one priority, for you and your kids. With proper backup plans and emergency tools at your disposal, you will travel relaxed and peacefully. Here are the few things you need to know as a single parent.


Make a Travel Plan

When undertaking a trip, make sure you have everything planned. Create an itinerary and share it with someone else at home or with your kids. This ensures that they know where you’re doing and what you’re going to do. Some companies offer the service of making an itinerary for you which you can share digitally.


Set Up Emergency Plans

With an itinerary, your children can backtrack or know where to be to find you if in case they ever get lost.


Once again, make sure you’ve gone over the itinerary with them. Although this is an attractive fail-safe plan, it is still much better for you to create an actual emergency plan, and tell your kids what to do in such situations.


Set up scenarios and actions they must take if anything happens. Teach them to look for someone wearing a uniform or another mother who has a child. Make sure they also remember your full name.


Keep a “Go-Bag”

A “go-bag” is a bag packed with essential items. This is particularly useful for emergencies when you are forced you to leave immediately and have no time to pack anything. You can set up a “go-bag” on your travels but only pack the most necessary items. This is so you don’t have to carry too much in an emergency.


Keep the Essentials

Essentials are items such as whistles, first-aid kits, flashlight, batteries, and other things you consider are vital. If you or your kids have a type of allergy, make sure to pack medication. Other essentials, such as a stroller for your children, can be handy.


To have your kids sit down in a stroller makes them more manageable, saving you from headaches. Strollers also provide pockets, so instead of rummaging through your backpack, this allows you to store essential items that will be easily accessible when needed. Strollers are also usually allowed on planes. Just check them in and leave them at the door of the aircraft. Don’t forget to bring them with you once you get off.


Use Kiosks

Long check-in lines are a headache for anyone, even more so if you’re a single parent. Whenever possible, avoid check-in lines. It is a hassle for you when you’re trying to carry luggage around while looking after your child Save yourself the pain by checking in earlier through online services or use a self-service kiosk. Digital passes can also be useful, allowing you to skip the line.


Traveling is not easy, but if you follow the simple steps mentioned above, you can save yourself from headaches. Travel with peace of mind, knowing that you and your kids are safe and sound.


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