Yakiniku Koku : One and Only Authentic Japanese BBQ Restaurant in Old Phuket Town

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Old Phuket Town is a very popular place for Thai and foreign tourists to take photos of Sino-Portuguese architecture or to visit some cafes, galleries along both sides of the street. At the heart of this old town, there’s an authentic Japanese BBQ restaurant waiting to be found.

The place is easy to find. When you arrive at Thaeo Nam intersection, just walk along Thalang Road. Or if you drive there, the restaurant will be on your left. Parking is available on the street in front of the restaurant–yet there are certain rules for parking. The restaurant is in the Sino-Portuguese building, so don’t forget to look out for the signboard.

However, with its distinct wood interior design, it wouldn’t be hard for you to notice.The interior design which resembles the ones we’d see in Japan makes it feel as if we really are there. The combination of red and black color tones gives out a sense of warmth as well as boldness–like that of the Yakuza’s. As for each table, there’s a grill installed with a cooker hood above. And exclusively for those who prefer more privacy, the VIP zone is also up for grabs.(thanks photo from Yakiniku Koku Facebook fanpage)

“Mr.Ku,” the restaurant owner, is a Japanese who is highly experienced in this business and knows what his customers want best. So, Yakiniku Koku offers you combination bundles which include pork and beef.Mamy guarantees that each menu always comes with excellent quality. For instance, garlic fried rice with sesame seeds on top is super tasty and fragrant.The additional pork set–consisting of both uncooked and marinated pork with special recipes–is flavorful, the meat is sliced thinly into the right size. Let the slices of meat sit on the charcoal grill with the right level of heat, and the happiest time is there for you to enjoy!And Mamy may need to remind you that there’s no need to worry about the smoke smell since the cooker hood works perfectly fine, which is perfect for women like us! So after we’ve finished the meal, we can go anywhere as planned without having to worry about the BBQ smell!

This is another BBQ restaurant in Phuket that Mamy has added in the must-try list for those BBQ lovers. Don’t forget to check out where Mamy will take you guys to next time!


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More information: Yakiniku Koku

Address: 10 Talang Road, T.Talat Yai A.Muang, Phuket

Open times: 11.00 a.m. – 10.oo p.m. (close every 1st Monday and 3rd Monday of the month)

book a seat : 093-745-8567