Review: Take a step back in time at ” Thalang Maneekram” , the new landmark of Phuket

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Undeniably, the trend of nationalism has been hyped up especially in the early months of the year— importantly, the popular period soap opera Buppe San Nivas (Love Destiny) significantly inspires traditional dress among people throughout the country as well as many catch-phrases like “Au Jao”. But, what does it have to do with this review? Well, let’s find out about that.

Now, there is this new landmark in Phuket called Thalang Maneekram, the Thai cultural city which offers its visitors a chance to take a glimpse at the past, take a tour around, and dress in Thai traditional dress. Thalang Manee, as a new lifestyle shopping center, includes the concepts of identity, custom, architecture, and Thai culture—all of these in one place. There are also food booths, souvenir shops, photogenic spots, and others.

The design of the entrance makes anyone walking pass it feels as if they are in an ancient burgh. There is abundant parking.

An elephant statue spraying water out of the mouth is located near the front wall. How fabulous!

As visitors enter, the staff in Thai national clothing are waiting to welcome them hand out the wristbands for guests. what makes these wristbands special is the fact that they are QR Code wristbands, allowing customers to add money and use this payment method throughout their stay in Thalang Manee. Just hand out the QR code to the staff and remain at ease, which is super sophisticated and convenient!The atmosphere around the spacious main hall is good and chilly. There are sufficient signs giving out information about packages and prices. At the information counter, staff also use archaic language to communicate with customers—they use ancient ending particles like “Koh Rab,” “Jao Ka.” How nice! There are also maps which let customers know their current locations. In the central area of Thalang Manee, there are various activities for customers to join, ranging from fish feeding to T-shirt painting. Well, let Mamy tell you something, there are also special discounts for locals. Now that we’re ready, let’s take a look inside.

All visitors here will get to walk through the door and see the doorkeepers on duty. Inside the hall, there are gorgeous wall paintings. For those who want to wear traditional Thai clothing, Thalang Manee also offers a dress rental service—starting from just 100 THB.

There are also these following special offers.

1.Maneekram Magic, where guests can celebrate Thai cultural festivals such as Lori Krathong and Songkran every day. 2.TMK Flower Show, the place where guests can appreciate the beauty of colorful tropical plants

3.Home for Pee Kram, Nong Manee, another fascinating activity as it is the rare chance to take care of elephants, which includes feeding and bathing4.Home for cows and buffalos exclusively for visitors like us to learn and experience the lives of the animals in the way that we never do before

5.Simple Entertainment, where it offers the simplistic experience of Thai temple fairs, with popular attractions and games like Sao Noi Tok Nam, balloons and darts, and many more. Fun is guaranteed! 6.Baan Rai Plai Na, reflecting the realistic experience of Thai farmers’ simplistic way of life, along with witnessing the actual coconut harvesting monkeys. Learn how to cook with coconuts as well as various main dish and dessert recipes7. Shop, Seek, Super Fun, where you can expect various handcrafted products from new designers8. Time Travel, yes, to bring back the old days. Customers can wear traditional clothing—available for rent—and take photos as they like. Or, they can use photography services offered by professional photographers. Let’s take a look inside.

Inside the place, there are signposts indicating information in English, and Chinese.The traditional Thai houses are located outdoor.As for the food, an extensive selection of popular food is offered. What’s really charming here is the floating vendors, resembling those in actual floating markets. How lovely! The vendors energetically convince customers to shop. Some of the guests sit in the pavilions—with tables provided—and enjoy the food they bought. The image of visitors and staff resting in the pavilion resembles that of the good old days.There are both traditional and fusion food available. As Mamy has seen it, they also sell crocodile meat!

Cruises are available for those interested. Certain spots on the bridge offer wider, more stunning views.This might be a familiar scene for some. Here, customers can enjoy the similar experience of going to a temple fair, with street games like balloons and darts or shooting booth. There are lots of activities to do.Before we leave, Mamy would like to take some photos with the white bridge.

For those looking for new spots to visit in Phuket, Thalang Manee can be the right choice for anyone regardless of sex or age. Mamy would like to encourage you guys to take cultural tours, for you will realize that our tradition and culture are as interesting as others’. At the moment, Thalang Manee offers free admission for Local. Don’t miss your chance!


More Information: Talang Maneekram

Open Daily : 11.00 a.m. – 07.30 p.m.

Address: Next to Royal Paragon T.Chalong A.Muang, Phuket 8300

Tel : 076 607 888

Facebook: Thalang Maneekram


Thanks for photo and information: Thalang Maneekram