The Entrance to Tastiness : Delicious Treats at Tea Inn ティーイン

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Hi, guys. When it comes to tasty drinks in the current trend, bubble tea is surely on top of the list.

Today, Mamy will take you to a bubble tea shop recently opened in Phuket, it is called Tea Inn.The place is outstanding with its pink decoration. It’s also decorated with wall clocks showing time in different time zones, which resembles a hotel lobby and is super appealing. Although the place is relatively small, it’s crowded with customers in different age groups who always visit for the drinks.The ordering process is quite simple. On the menu, there are six types of tea from six countries, including Taiwanese milk tea, English earl grey milk tea, Japanese green tea latte, German mixed berries milk tea, Belgium dark chocolate, and Thai lychee milk tea.

To order, customers have to write down their choice on the order paper provided in the zone. Those who are concerned with their diet plan can tell the staff to add the zero-calorie sweetener instead of regular sugar. The shop provides the list of drinks which customers can choose from and make their orderOnce customers have decided what they want to order, they can hand out their orders at the counter.

The preparation doesn’t take too long–not exceeding 5 minutes. The staff will call out the name of the customer whose order is ready. The drinks come in colorful layers.

This time Mamy has ordered one mixed berry milk tea and one earl grey milk tea topped with bubbles. The drinks are tasty, and the bubbles are chewy yet very satisfying.

Tasty treats don’t have to be pricey, and the drinks from Tea Inn are perfect examples. The price starts at 20 THB. So, don’t miss the chance to try it out!

The brand Tea Inn has a branch in each province. The Phuket branch is located on Poonphol Rd., Soi 5. It’s in front of an all 20 baht shop. Tea Inn is very easily noticeable.

Like they say, “Energize your soul with the love of tea.”

Now, Mamy will energize myself with some tasty bubble tea. See you guys later!


More Information: TEA INN  ティーイン Phuket

Address: Poonphol Rd., Soi 5. It’s in front of an all 20 baht shop.

Tel : 098 696 8284

Open times : 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Facebook : TEA INN ทีอินน์ ティーイン Phuket